Sheesham Wood Table Furniture

Welcome! Sheesham Table is simply about bringing to you the best table furniture for your home that has been elegantly made from quality sheesham wood. We list some of the most attracive pieces of sheesham table furniture for you to browse at your leisure. We aim to keep the site easy to use and navigate around.

We have categorised the site into simple sections (see above and below) depending on the type of sheesham wood table you are interested in. We think that we have found and listed some of the finest sheesham tables available on the internet today, and we are sure you will not be disappointed by the items reviewed here.

  • dining table set 'Mallani'

    Gorgeous Sheesham wood dining tables

  • coffee table 'Hathi'

    Beautiful Sheesham coffee tables

  • Nested tables 'Thakat'

    Space-saving Sheesham wood nested tables

Sheesham Wood Coffee Tables

Slatted coffee table 'Mallani'

We list several different styles of sheesham wood coffee table, all of which are made to a fine finish, and all of which are excellent value for money given their wonderful aesthetic appearance and very good quality wood. All of the pieces of furniture listed here are made of sheesham wood and would make great additions to your home. You will note also the good range of design and wood colours available.

Sheesham Wood Dining Tables

dining table set 'Mallani'

Again, we have a nice range of sheesham wood dining table and dining table sets detailed in this section of the site. The dining tables can be purchased individually or, if you prefer, as part of a set, with the relevant number of accompanying sheesham wood chairs. These pieces of wood furniture are beautifully crafted and would make inspiring additions to your family home, and also be something you can proudly display to your family, friends and neighbours.

Sheesham Nest of Tables

Nested tables 'Thakat'

The third category section of the site provides three different styles of sheesham wood nested table. These pieces of furniture are so simple, yet utterly attractive features of the home, and are a wonderful way to decorate a corner of your living room.

More Sheesham Wood Tables

console table 'Thakat'

The final part of the site is dedicated to sheesham wood tables that do not quite fit into the other three sections. For example, we show various console tables here and a fabulous sheesham wood trunk table too.

What is sheesham wood?

Sheesham wood comes from a tree native to India. It is sometimes referred to as Indian Rosewood or written as Shisham wood. Its hard and durable properties make it an excellent wood for making items of furniture. The colours can vary as wood from the inner part of the tree is darker than the wood from the outer ring, which can be notably lighter in colour. The darker portion is usually the harder section of the two.

Where did we find these tables?

We have partnered with several websites which we believe stock the best sheesham wood table furniture there is available to buy. One such website is called Myakka, which we believe offers some of the best value, excellent quality sheesham wood furniture at very affordable prices. We are very happy to promote their sheesham tables, not just because of their fantastic designs, but also because of the great reviews the site receives for these products and their excellent customer service. The site also supports fair trade through a majority of their sheesham furniture offerings which are certified as such by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops.

If you are interested check out our blog which very occasionally talks about what's happening with the site and sheesham wood table furniture in general.
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